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Over the last few years, steps toward more diversity and inclusion, including for the AAPI community, have taken place in Hollywood. However, the work isn't done yet, and Hallmark Channel is debuting a brand new film with a predominantly Asian-American ensemble.

Hallmark's recent projects have featured more and more diverse casts, and the newest film Sweet Pecan Summer is no different.

The film tells the story of an Asian American family that says goodbye to their family farm, while the film tackles representation, family and more.

DAVE star Christine Ko is part of the all-star ensemble and shared why it was important for her to be part of this project.

"I feel so represented in this film as an Asian American. It's so cool to see what the idea of an all American family feels like."

Opposite Ko is a familiar face to Hallmark fans. Wes Brown, who helped produce the film, gave insight into the project's beginnings.

"This was based on a true story that my wife actually wrote. It was very surreal, very special, and I hope we can do stuff like that again."

Ko also opened up on family values and positive messages of love are so important, regardless of background.

"Just to see this whole family get together and you realize that we are so much more similar than we think we are, even if we don't look exactly alike. The family values are the same, what you want in coming home and the feeling of being understood and loved, are all universal things."

Sweet Pecan Summer premieres August 28th on Hallmark Channel.

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