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Halsey has given birth to her firstborn last Wednesday, July 14th and family, friends, and fans are all very excited.

Halsey has been private about the details surrounding her pregnancy for the last couple months, but she just announced the birth today! We still do not know the sex of the child, however Halsey and boyfriend Alev Aydin decided on the name Ender Ridley Aydin.

Ender is a popular male Turkish name that translates to "rare". Halsey definitely acknowledges this in her post as she quotes "rare" in the caption, however we still can't be sure if Halsey really had a son or if the baby is actually her daughter.

Halsey has been very open about her struggles with pregnancy in the past. She discussed her experiences with endometriosis and multiple miscarriages on social media and in interviews before finally giving birth to a beautiful, healthy baby.

"Reproductive illness is so frustrating because it can really make you feel like less of a woman. You don't feel sexy, you don't feel proud, and you don't feel like there's much hope."

While the details of her pregnancy were kept private, Halsey was very open about her progress on Instagram.

The star's original pregnancy surprise came 24 weeks ago and fans were shocked and very supportive of the announcement. After over 10 posts of Halsey showing off the baby bump, we all began to wonder when exactly her due date was.

We still do not know the exact details of her relationship with Alev Aydin as well although Halsey has confirmed that they were "friends for a long time" when the two got matching tattoos in June 2020.

While we may not know all of the details about her relationship and pregnancy, Halsey has been engaging with her fans on social media and we look forward to getting some more glimpses of her and Aydin's beautiful baby. Congratulations to the couple and a special congratulations to Halsey on finally joining the #Motherhood.

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