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Sam Hunt's estranged wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, withdrew her divorce petition against the country music star the same day she filed it.

Per Us Weekly, Fowler reversed course Friday in Tennesse courts, though the outlet did not obtain the docs until Tuesday.
In what seems like a candidate for some kind of record, Fowler filed her initial complaint at 11:43 a.m., only to submit a Notice of Voluntary Nonsuit less than three hours later, at 2:13 p.m.

Us explains that Fowler classified her decision as "voluntary nonsuited without prejudice," which means that she can re-file again in the future but, per Tennesse law, cannot back out of that filing a second time. The outlet also adds that a judge has yet to sign off on the paperwork.

News of the couple's maybe-split broke Monday, which revealed that the Alabama-born nurse is pregnant and due in May, a fact the couple had not yet revealed to the public. Fowler alleged that Hunt, 37, is "guilty of inappropriate marital conduct" and "guilty of adultery."

Per the docs, the "Body Like a Back Road" singer "is guilty of such cruel and inhuman treatment or conduct toward the spouse as renders cohabitation unsafe or improper."

Fowler's initial filing sought child support and primary custody of their unborn child, their "respective separate property," and three different kinds of alimony, including "transitional alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and alimony in future."

Hunt admitted the two had begun to "seriously" talk about having kids during an interview in July.

Fowler and Hunt first began dating in 2008, and Hunt named his 2014 album "Montevallo" after Fowler's hometown. Hunt and Fowler married in 2017.

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