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Sophia Biu and Peter Wagner Remember Harrison Wagner in Heartfelt Posts

Sophia Bui says, “I will always choose to love you in this world and in any other life” to her late boyfriend.

Harrison Wagner, The 27-year-old son of “General Hospital” stars, was found dead this week and his girlfriend and brother have opened up about the heartbreaking tragedy.

Found dead in a Los Angeles parking lot on June 6th, the cause of Harrison Wagner’s death has not yet been determined.

Harrison Wagner was the youngest son of Jack and Kristina Wagner, who met on the set of “General Hospital” in the '80s.

Since their wedding in 1993, the couple had two sons before splitting in 2006. Jack Wagner went on to act in other dramas such as “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

In recent days, Wagner has been remembered fondly by friends and family members.

Peter Wagner, older brother to Harrison, captioned a sweet Instagram post of the two of them, “Always with you.”

Additionally, Wagner's girlfriend Sophia Biu paid tribute to the memory of Harrison. The two had an on and off relationship over the past 7 years.

Bui's Instagram post, which came a few hours after Peter Wagner’s, reflected on her love for him.

She wrote,

Here’s a love letter to babe. I’m so broken hearted. We had plans this Friday and you called to apologize. Seven years, on and off, round and round we loved each other. For better or for worse. In sickness and in health. Sorry, I missed yr calls in the middle of the night these last few days. I miss sleeping in yr pola bear arms, curled up. I miss sending you silly animal videos. I miss you sending gorgeous songs that made me cry. I was never alone in this world with you. You were the balm that soothed my soul. You were my guy. I hope I was that comfort for you. I will always be yr babe. I will always choose to love you in this world and in any other life.

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