Two weeks ago, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dropped bombshell after bombshell in their groundbreaking interview with Oprah Winfrey, revealing racism, abuse, and invalidation of mental health within the Royal Family.

Now, Pipslay, a global consumer research platform, has reached out to over 30,000 Americans to get their reactions to the scandalous interview and their feelings on the royal couple.

Here are some of the bigger findings:

  • 48% of Americans think Harry and Meghan's interview will boost their image, while 50% of Britons think it will hurt them
  • 50% of Americans believe it was right to take away all honorary titles and royal patronages from Harry and Meghan as compared to 66% of Britons
  • 55% of Americans feel the press should have been less relentless in their coverage of Harry and Meghan as compared to 44% of Britons
Other findings include that 57% of Americans believe that Harry and Meghan have a right to choose a different life, compared to 36% of Britons.

What we can see overall, in comparison to the survey of Britons, which came out shortly after the interview, is that Americans feel far more positively about the couple's decision. Meanwhile, the majority of Britons seem to have a more royalist stance.

Americans, who have less loyalty and general attachment to the royal family, focus more on the couple themselves, while the British perspective seems to stem from their attachment to the royal family itself, and their perceived obligations to that institution.

Both, however, feel that royal fanaticism has gone too far, with 64% of Americans and 58% of Britons saying it's time to stop obsessing over royalty.

Regardless of anyone's feelings, the couple is currently living a happy life away from the spotlight (sort of) in California. Whether or not you feel the couple had missteps along the way, it's inarguable they felt they did what was right for themselves, and that's all you can ask of anyone.

With Harry's new job at a Silicon Valley startup, they look to be comfortably settling into their new life.

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