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Harry Lennix Unveils Surprises & Plot Twists In New Season Of 'The Blacklist'

NBC's 'The Blacklist' is back for its eighth season and Harry Lennix is telling us all about it.

Harry Lennix, widely known for his role as Harold Cooper, is here to tell us all about the drama and excitement waiting to unveil in The Blacklist's eighth season.

The Blacklist follows Raymond Reddington (James Spader), who is a former U.S. Navy Officer that turns into a prominent criminal. He eventually surrenders to the FBI and agrees to work with them in order to help catch blacklist criminals. The show is full of unexpected thrills and crimes.

As for the start of the upcoming season, Lennix tells fans to expect drama right from the start. He shared:

"We are going to pick back up right where we left off. That is going to result in some dramatic early season revelations. You will not have to wait long to get answers to some of these questions, but you can expect a season full of surprises.

Lennix also shared some huge changes that his character, Harold Cooper, will encounter this season:

"We're really going to get the chance to spend more time with him as other than just a crime solver. We will see what his personal feelings might be with some of these people that he works most closely with, like him and Elizabeth Keen, but I also have a feeling with him and Reddington too."

The Blacklist star also spoke out about his excitement for finally being back on set. Lennix said:

"I feel very grateful to be back and to be back in front our fans and making shows that will keep us entertained!"

Be sure to tune in to NBC every Friday for new episodes!

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