We Are Who We Are: Coming September | HBO

Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino is sharing a new coming of age story for HBO entitled We Are Who We Are premiering this September.

HBO has revealed a two minute long teaser trailer for the series that follows two American teenagers who live on a military base in Veneto, Italy. The eight-part series stars Jordan Kristine Seamon and Shazam actor Jack Dylan Grazer as 14-year olds Fraser and Caitlin.

The trailer shows the two main characters sitting on a beach while the sounds of children running and playing can be heard in the background. Two lines are uttered in the teaser- Fraser donning a band-aid on his cheek notes "They think we're weird" while Caitlin responds "Does that bother you?"

The setting and chilling piano music that consume the short scene provoke nostalgia for Guadagnino's acclaimed Elio and Oliver Italian love story. The choice of even younger subjects than 17-year-old Elio and the backdrop of a military base spark interest in fans of CMBYN and coming of age dramas in general.

Jack Grazer shared this on-set pic of his character, Fraser, on Instagram.

Seamon also took to Instagram to share a portrait of her character Caitlin.

HBO shared a bunch of character portraits on their Instagram, giving a brief insight into the people viewers will meet in Veneto, Italy this September. This includes rapper/actor Kid Cudi as Caitlin's father.

All of the photos and updates can be found on the series' Instagram page until its release in September.

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