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Reality TV just got more real with My Mom, Your Dad and 1000-lb Best Friends.

HBO Max's My Mom, Your Dad is shaking up the relationships of families and sending a strong message.

Hosted by Emmy-nominated Yvonne Orji, the show follows single parents as they try to find true love... while being watched by their kids.

"We found out that they were the dating consultants. I started going through my little movie in my mind. That was a cringeworthy moment I think for the parents," Karen Larrea said.

The show has also helped divorced parents open up conversations on dating others with their children.

"We understand it's hard having divorced parents already, but watching your parents date... I think that needs to be more of an open conversation. Maybe they should listen to us once in awhile, because I think we sometimes can be smarter than them," Breana Symone said.

My Mom, Your Dad is streaming now on HBO Max.

Transitioning from families to best friends, TLC's 1000-lb Best Friends follows four friends as they face the difficult obstacles of losing weight.

"I knew the whole world was going to be watching me. It would help me be accountable and I was ready to live. I was tired of being in my own prison. For all those kids out there who are struggling or think this is the end of the world, it's not. It doesn't matter what other people think or say about me, this is my life. In return, I feel like I'm helping so many other people who feel alone. Of course, if you got a good set of friends, you can go all the way," Meghan Crumpler said.

With a little inspiration and people to support her, Crumpler feels like she can accomplish anything.

1000-LB Best Friends premieres February 7th on TLC.

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