Heather Hemmens Talks Stacy & Brian's Relationship On 'Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!' | Celebrity Page

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! topped the Netflix charts, so co-star Heather Hemmens is celebrating the hit series and spilling on her relationship with Jamie Foxx.

After a 25-year break from TV, Jamie is back on top! The star's new sitcom is a smash hit on Netflix.

Heather Hemmens stars alongside the legendary actor in the new series as his assistant and right hand woman, with an unspoken spark building between them.

"Everybody's going to have a great laugh and I'll tell you why. It's teenage comedy and then there's some jokes for the adults too, that are definitely going to go over the kid's heads. I think these are situations that so many people can relate to. There's some real romance and a real caring, loving relationship, so it gets a little complicated. We bring the heat, it's really really fun," Hemmens said.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is streaming now on Netflix.

To see our interview with Jamie Foxx, click here.

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