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Almost 5 years after the birth of their son Gunner Stone, Heidi Montag Pratt and husband Spencer Pratt have announced their second pregnancy!

After 18 months of attempting to get pregnant and avoiding pregnancy tests after being let down month after month, positive news finally appeared before the couple in the form of a ClearBlue pregnancy test. Now, they are expecting their second child in December. Montag told Us Weekly,

"“I just felt like something was missing. I felt like a person was missing in our family that I had this intense love for. And I kept praying about it."

In an interview with Us Weekly, Montag details her struggles of getting pregnant again. She says she tried many things to increase her chances of fertility, including making major changes to her diet to include things like bison hearts, raw meats "and lots of liver."

"Toward the end, I was really on an animal-based diet, which is mostly meat so I really eliminated most vegetables because they say there’s oxalates and toxins that could really interfere with [pregnancy].

Despite the miracle baby, the "Laguna Beach" star shared that it hasn't come without its scary sides. She says in the beginning, she experienced some bleeding, which hadn't happened before.

"The first time everything was so great and so easy and I was like whatever, this pregnancy stuff is so easy. But it’s not that way. It’s given me a whole different version of pregnancy and empathy and love for what everyone is going through with pregnancy."

The pair is waiting to reveal the sex of their baby publicly but has plenty of names picked out, including one that Heidi wanted to use during her first pregnancy.

Even with all of the hardships and tearful nights, the family is excited to welcome their newest addition to the family. Heidi told Us Weekly,

"“After all we’ve been through, I really consider this our miracle baby. I think every baby is a miracle baby."

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