Fall TV Preview: New And Returning Shows Are Back! | Celebrity Page

This month, some of our favorite shows will be premiering new seasons and some new shows will be coming to our TVs despite the set backs from COVID-19.

'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Premieres Sept. 23rd

The Masked Singer, a show that hits close to home with our new COVID normal, debuts its fourth season on September 23rd and it will feature its first duet this season.

'I Can See Your Voice' Premieres After 'The Masked Singer'

From the producers of The Masked Singer comes a new singing show but without the singing. Make sure to stick around after watching celebrities sing in costumes to watch I Can See Your Voice on September 23rd.

'Filthy Rich' Starring Kim Cattrall Comes Out Sept. 21st 

Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City is back on our TV screens in Fox's new drama Filthy Rich. Episode one premiered Monday night so make sure to catch up before episode two next Monday.

'In The Cut's' Newest Season Is Out Now

Comedian Kim Coles will join the cast of In The Cut for its seventh season.

"In The Cut is back and this time I'm on it. I love playing this character, Trish, because she's, you know, bold and brazen and ballsy if I can use that term."

Watch Coles play Trish every Wednesday on Bounce.

List of Celebrities to Compete On 'Celebrity Family Feud' 

This week Ray Romano and Brad Garrett competed and so did Fall Out Boy and Weezer. Coming up next week, Kathie Lee Gifford vs. Ricki Lane and 2 Chainz vs. Big Boi. Later on in the season we will see Ceelo Green, Macklemore, Lil Yachty and many more compete. Watch Celebrity Family Feud on ABC.

Catch Up On 'Star Trek: Discovery' Before Season 3 Premieres

CBS is broadcasting season 1 and 2 of Star Trek: Discovery so viewers can catch up before the third season premieres. The new season will feature the first non-binary and transgender characters in the Star Trek universe. Be sure to watch the newest season on CBS: All Access starting October 15th.

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America's Got Talent Season nine Winner Mat Franco celebrated the 6th anniversary of his award winning show in Las Vegas.


Cobra Kai: Season 4 promo

The fists will indeed be flying in the intense fourth season of the Karate Kid sequel series. This new teaser reveals that Cobra Kai will be returning to the All Valley Karate Tournament, which was a fixture of all three Karate Kid movies and promises to heighten the stakes beyond anything seen in the show so far.


Kate trailer

On Wednesday, audiences got their first look at Kate, a new action movie that stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as an assassin with 24 hours to live. This dynamic thriller is Netflix's most recent foray into the action genre after the success of Gunpowder Milkshake last month.