One-on-One: Cassandra Aarssen Chats New HGTV Show 'Hot Mess House' | Celebrity Page

The show's host, Cassandra Aarssen, is chatting with us on the new season.

Cassandra Aarssen is the Organization Queen! 👑

Cassandra Aarssen is an organizing expert known for her viral videos on YouTube. Jaymes Vaughan is chatting with the star one-on-one for the premiere of her new show, Hot Mess House.

"We are helping people transform their homes. Get rid of their clutter and set up organization systems for their unique style, and we're doing it all with people at home. There's definitely no hair and makeup, which makes me a little sad!"

The show truly captures the times we're living in and you can catch Hot Mess House Wednesdays on HGTV.

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