We're turning the #SeeHer Spotlight to Hip Hop artist and actress Shawntae "Da Brat" Harris!

Throughout her record-breaking career, Da Brat has left her mark on the music industry and beyond.

In the 90's, Da Brat became the first female rapper with a platinum album when Funkdafied sold one million copies. During the time that she considers the peak of her career, Da Brat worked alongside other talented artists as a rapper and a ghostwriter. She has since spent time in prison and dealt with bankruptcy. In the face of these challenges, Da Brat found opportunities for personal growth. Today, she continues to impact the music world as she executive produces and stars in Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta on WEtv, a reality show focusing on the children of hip hop legends.

“I'm just very grateful for all of my experiences, the ups and the downs, because it makes me the person that I am," says Da Brat.

For Da Brat, it is also important that the show highlights the support system in place for female rappers.

Brat poses with "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta" co-stars. PC: @sosobrat

Looking back, Da Brat says that thirty years full of career highs and lows have shaped her into a stronger person.

"The obstacles that life throws at you, you have to be ready to hit ‘em out the park. If you fall down, you've got to get back up. I’ve been to the top, back to the bottom, and headed back to the top," Da Brat says.

Da Brat is a shining example of what it means to persevere. You don't want to miss her on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Thursdays on WEtv!

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