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It's that time of year again! The time to snuggle up by the fire with some hot coco to watch as many Christmas movies you can. You have to add this Christmas rom-com to your list this season!

A Ring For Christmas is a new Christmas romantic comedy coming to UPtv's "Merry Movie Christmas." Liliana Tandon hopped on Zoom to chat all about the new TV movie.

"Any year it would be exciting for this to come out, but especially this year I think the holidays really can't come soon enough," Tandon said.

We are all ready for a great holiday season amongst this pandemic.

'A Ring For Christmas' Premieres On UPtv 📺

Tandon's starring in the new film as lead actress, but also served as head writer for the holiday movie.

"My character, Angelica Moore, is a spoiled New York City girl living off her family's money."

In the film, Angelica discovers a large inheritance will be be in her hands, as long as she gets married before Christmas.

Playing Angelica's parents are two of TV's legends, Lorraine Bronco from the Sopranos, and Michael Gross from Family Ties.

Working with these two phenomenal actors inspired Liliana to take the film to new heights.

"Working with both of them, oh my gosh, it I said I still can't believe it sometimes. If people finish the movie and have a smile on their face then I'm happy." Tandon said.

Other recognizable actors starring in this film are Charles Hittinger and Dean Geyer, who play Liliana's potential suitors. Which one will she marry by Christmas?

Find out who Angelica meets at the end of the alter this Sunday, November 8th, on UPTV.

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