Royal Worlds Collide at The Lion King Premiere!

Things were getting wild at The Lion King premiere in London! The red carpet was packed as the star-studded cast celebrated an incredible opening weekend. But that wasn't even the most exciting part. What happens when British Royalty and Hollywood Royalty meet? Well we got to see just that! 



That's right! Meghan Markle spent her first red carpet premiere as the Duchess of Essex chopping it up with none other than the Queen. Queen Beyoncé that is! The Duchess and Beyoncé shared a big hug as the pop icon told Meghan that she loves the family. The two also talked all about 'The Circle of Life', and Jay-Z and Prince Harry got involved too! With these power couples chatting about their new and growing families, Jay-Z even gave Prince Harry some tips, saying:

“The best advice I can give you: Always find some time for yourself.”



That's the best advice I can think of, especially when your kids are as energetic as Prince Archie or Blue Ivy! While this was the first time the two met in person, Beyoncé has been anything but shy in the past! When Meghan Markle announced her pregnancy over Instagram, Beyonce showed some love, commenting

“Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.”

Other stars filled the premiere, but nobody gave us quite a story like The Royal Family. But, Hakuna Matata guys! Next time you chat with Queen Bey, you'll get a headline.

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