Thanksgiving looked a little different for all of us this year, and celebrities were no different. Here's how some of your favorite stars celebrated the big day.

Courteney's Epic 'Friends' Moment

Courteney Cox gave us all of the feels with her recreation of an iconic Friends moment... you know the one.

Gwyn's Quality Time With Her Kids 

Gwyneth Paltrow shared the special day with her two kids, Apple and Moses. The family visited Gwyn's father's resting place.

Kourtney's Day By The Pool

Kourtney posted a few pictures by the pool with a turkey emoji to show fans how she was celebrating the holiday. Don't worry, though-- She didn't celebrate alone. The star also posted her Thanksgiving dinner festivities with the Kardashian family on her Instagram stories.

Hailey's First Time Cooking The Turkey

Hailey Bieber got in the holiday spirit by cooking her very first turkey. She posted the news on Instagram, assuring fans that she didn't burn it!

Reese's Day of Gratitude

Reese Witherspoon posted a photo of her family celebrating Thanksgiving. The star expressed gratitude to "all the frontline workers, medical workers and people who are caring for others today." Reese is always a class act!

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Bernie Sanders

As Bernie Sanders sat there on inauguration day looking like a dad who came to see your soccer game, he struck a chord with the heart of the internet, turning that image of him sitting there in those mittens into everything from Renaissance paintings to popular TV shows.


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