Celebrity Page correspondent and relationship expert Donny Meacham recently shared all of the latest in celebrity relationship news... And even with social distancing orders in place, there's still a ton to dive into!

Donny kicks off the segment with new parents Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. The couple married back in 2019 and recently welcomed their first child, daughter Willa. Donny sharing:

"Sources are saying that it has been an incredible blur. but the pair is leaning on one another for support more than ever."

Donny explains why this is the perfect way to handle any new or challenging situation you might face, stating:

"(There's) nothing wrong with turning to a friend for guidance and to vent your problems to, but you'll find that it is your partner who is best equipped to help you during challenging times."

But Joe and Sophie aren't the only ones making headlines! Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have reportedly been spending more time together. Donny says:

"All of this quality time that they're spending together during the pandemic made them really realize how much they care for one another."

Stay tuned for even more celebrity dating news with Donny!

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