George Clooney

Today is legendary actor George Clooney turns 60! To celebrate six decades of his presence gracing our tiny little planet, here's a look back at six of his best roles over the years.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Clooney starred alongside Quentin Tarantino as the Gecko Brothers, two bank robbers fleeing from the law in the old west, and then it somehow turned into a vampire movie with absolutely zero explanation. But who doesn't want to watch someone shoot their way out of a vampire lair?


This geopolitical thriller about a fight between oil companies, world leaders, DC lawyers, and morality was an intellectually stimulating and captivating piece that earned Clooney an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor back in 2005.

There has never been so much going on in a movie that worked so well. There were five different storylines all at once, shot on five different continents, with about 8,000 A-list actors. And it was fantastic.

Up in the Air (2009)

This was Clooney's second nomination for Best Actor at the Oscars, and while he didn't take home the hardware, no one is forgetting this performance anytime soon.

A man with no connections who brakes them for a living is suddenly asked to have a thousand of them. What happens now?

The Descendants

If you thought he was done getting nominated for Best Actor, you may be sorely disappointed, because The Descendants earned him his third nom for the award.

A man who's been indifferent all his life by choice is faced with family pressure and tragedy in this moving comedy drama.


People often forget, but Clooney got his start on the hit NBC medical drama ER as the handsome and personable Dr Doug Ross. Eat your heart out, McDreamy.


He didn't act in Argo, but Clooney was the driving force behind the 2013 Best Picture winner, producing and supervising the film alongside director Ben Affleck. This was one of the most unforgettable films of the last decade, and we had Clooney to thank for it. Happy birthday, George!

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