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You may recognize Ian Ziering from the hit series 90210 from the '90s. After retiring his role as Steve Sanders, Ziering has continued in the business and is now starring in The CW series Swamp Thing.

'Swamp Thing' Finds New Life On The CW

Swamp Thing was released last year by DC Universe but has been since canceled and picked up by The CW. The series will premiere on on October 6th.

Swamp Thing is a dark twist on what is happening today. It is about a town that is experiencing a deadly outbreak that is poisoning people and the CDC comes in to try to diagnose and solve the illness.

Ziering shares with our Jaymes Vaughan:

"Yeah, I've always been a fan of comics and 'Swamp Thing' was great because this is film quality in a TV medium."

Ziering plays Daniel Cassidy, who is also known as the Blue Devil.

"Oh my God! I get to play a superhero for DC. It's like the eight-year-old boy in me was just jumping for joy."

Our own Jaymes Vaughan has met Ian Ziering before when they both worked together at Chippendales on the Las Vegas Struo. Ziering joked about working with Vaughan in Sin City:

"You can't just show up at Chippendales with a muffin top, who you kidding. Because I knew I couldn't stand on stage next to you if I had a muffin top. You can't be flabby and rip your shirt off or they're going to boo you."

Sadly, Ziering is no longer ripping his shirt off for crowds and has moved on to more serious acting roles such as his role in Swamp Thing. But you can still see he is working hard at the gym on his Instagram.

Last year, Fox brought us the Beverly Hills 90210 reunion we've been asking for and almost all the stars we able to return besides the late Luke Perry.

The revival got six episodes but unfortunately will not be returning for another season.

"That was very disappointing. We did six episodes. It tanked. I don't know whether it was because of the content, being that it was pretty meta, we were talking about our real lives, time will tell. We're all still good friends so we keep in touch."

Although we will no longer see Steve Sanders grace our screens, we will still be able to see Ziering as the Blue Devil on Swamp Things. Don't miss the 90-minute series premiere tonight on The CW.

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