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Where is the Cast of 'iCarly' Today?

'iCarly' is all of the talk right now, with its premiere on Netflix and a revival coming to Parmount+ later this year. Amongst the feelings of nostalgia you may also be wondering, where is the cast today?

iCarly (2007-2012) is now available for viewing on Netflix, a couple of months before its revival on Paramount+. After the Nickelodeon series, the cast went their different ways, becoming college students or parents and we're here to give you the scoop.

Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay)

After the wrapping of iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove attended the University of Southern California as a psychology major.

During Cosgrove's time on the Kids' Choice Award winning show, the actress began her work in voiceovers as Margo in Despicable Me (2010). Cosgrove continued voicing for the franchise for the second and third installment of the films.

More recently, the actress guest starred in The Goldbergs (2013-) and it is confirmed that she will return for iCarly Revival (2021).

Jennette McCurdy (Sam Puckett)

Fans didn't have to say goodbye to their favorite butter-sock throwing lead so fast. Jennette McCurdy went on to continue portraying Sam Puckett in Nickelodeon's Sam & Cat (2013-2020) alongside Ariana Grande.

Recently, the actress took her hand in writing and directing, debuting her short film "The McCurdys" (2017). McCurdy has also gone on to tour in her one woman show "I'm Glad My Mom Died" as well as starring in the podcast "Empty Inside."

The actress will most likely not return for iCarly Revival as she has made it known that she did not have the best experience working with Nickelodeon.

Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson)

Freddie Benson is now a dad. Actor Nathan Kress became a father in 2017 to Rosie Carolyn Kress with his wife London Elise Kress.

Recently, Kress has been a part of the series Alive in Denver (2018-) and the Netflix animation Pinky Malinky (2018-2019). It has also been confirmed that the actor will return for iCarly Revival.

Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay)

Also returning for the revival is Carly's older brother Spencer Shay, played by Jerry Trainor. Trainor has recently guest starred on Disney's Bunk'd (2015-2021) and been a part of the Netflix series No Good Nick (2019).

Noah Munck (Gibby)

Most notably, Noah Munck has been a part of The Goldbergs franchise as "Naked" Rob Smith, which includes appearances in the spin-off Schooled (2019-2020).

Reed Alexander (Nevel Papperman)

Reed Alexander very much went the Nevel Papperman route after the wrapping of iCarly. Alexander is now a Wall Street reporter pursuing his Master's of Science in Journalism at Columbia University.

Due to the duties of his job, Alexander is an avid traveller and showcases his adventures via Instagram.

BooG!e (T-Bo)

Everybody love T-Bo! The hilarious baristo of Groovy Smoothie continues in comedy today, making Instagram TV's and reacting to TikToks.

Mary Scheer (Ms. Benson)

Like her character, actress Mary Scheer is a proud mama of six. Since the Nickelodeon show, Scheer has been a part of Between Two Ferns: The Movie (2019) and the video game Twin Mirror (2020).

Tim Russ (Principal Franklin)

Principal Franklin is the leading man of his own band now. Actor Tim Russ is also a performer, leading the Tim Russ Crew alongside Jim Martin and Diana Perkins. Russ holds numerous charity concerts to benefit such organizations as Zenith Youth Homes and Wildlife Waystation.

Fans everywhere are stoked for the revival of the beloved Nickelodeon series iCarly and if you're looking for a refresher, make sure to watch the entire series on Netflix.

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