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If you enjoyed watching Gilmore Girls, you can't miss the new Netflix show Ginny and Georgia. Correspondent Rachel Smith talks with the two protagonists and the relationship they share on the show.

Rachel Smith with Ginny and Georgia's Protagonists 

We can expect many things from Ginny and Georgia as Smith quotes a line from the trailer "I'm here for all this good teen angst" and Antonia Gentry, who plays the daughter Ginny, jokingly struggles in finding the right words to define it.

But Smith points out that even in the trailer, the two directly address the fact that they're like the Gilmore Girls. Brianne Howey, who plays the mother Georgia, is pleasantly surprised by the comparison.

"We love the Gilmore Girls, I grew up watching it and grew up with a young single mom and we always compared ourselves to them."

But if Gilmore Girls already exists, what's different in Ginny and Georgia? Howey immediately clarifies any doubts we may have.

"Pretty quickly I think the audience will feel totally Ginny and Georgia is different and the messaging is different. It's a lot edgier."

And Gentry tells us the main strength of the show.

"Our show really unites multiple generations together. It's a show about women: young women, mothers, grandmothers etc. It's that whole family dynamic and it's such an insightful show."

Gentry is also positive that the audience will find something to enjoy.

You can watch Ginny and Georgia streaming NOW on Netflix!

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