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Looking for a little romance? Then you might want to check out All My Life.

Marc Meyers directs All My Life tells the real life love story of Jennifer and Sol. Jessica Rothe of Happy Death Day stars as Jennifer and Harry Shum Jr. of Glee stars as Sol who were able to have their own romantic chemistry as a couple while filming. Celebrity Page correspondent Rachel Smith got the inside access on the latest film.

When Smith asked what it was like creating that chemistry, Rothe told Smith:

I mean that's a big part of it cause look at this guy. He's like gorgeous, charming, lovely, he's so talented. Yeah, he's a pretty easy guy to film with.

Shum blushed while he heard the sweet comments from his co-star.

The movie follows a young couple who fall in love and whose wedding plans are thrown for a loop when Sol is diagnosed with liver cancer. The stars of the film wanted to take extra care while telling the heartbreaking and true story. Shum told Smith:

There is an added pressure of responsibility but it was important for us to have that connection also with the real life Jen and have her guidance.

The film's powerful message of the movie is something that spilled over into the stars real lives. Rothe told Smith:

To just not take any moment for granted that there are these tiny little moments in our lives that are so easy to kind of brush over or the big flashy ones but those little intimate moments. Those are the moments that make us who we are.

The film is now in theaters and available on digital now.

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