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Inside Look At Amazon's Newest Original Show 'The Wilds'

If you loved 'Lost' you are going to want to check out this new show

Amazon Prime Video has just released a new dramatic thriller about a group of teenage girls who get stranded on a remote island.

Seven teenage girls become stranded on this mysterious island after a traumatic plane crash. The show time hops and shows what was happening in each girls' life before the crash.

Our own Hollywood Insider and Endless Hustle podcast host Arthur Kade spoke to the cast of The Wilds about their new show.

Reign Edwards, who plays Rachel Reid, described what viewers would be getting.

"Twist and turns, unexpected moments, [and] lots of drama."

Sarah Pidgeon is playing Leah Rilke. She further explained:

"There [are] so many cliffhangers in this show; every single time another extreme happens it's just the next episode or the next scene that tops it."

The true basis of the show is not to portray if a group of teenage women can survive on a stranded island but to shed light on the struggles that young women face today.

Mia Healey, who plays Shelby Goodkind, said:

"The best thing about this show is that we explore these complex characters, these fully fleshed characters that are based on just real people. Like it is completely authentic."

To hear more from the cast watch the full interview above and binge this dramatic thriller today on Prime Video.

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