Hallmark is bringing the perfect holiday film for mystery lovers in the quest to find the owner of a lost charm bracelet before Christmas.

A Little Christmas Charm stars Brendan Penny as Greg and Ashley Greene from the Twilight franchise as Holly. Holly finds a charm bracelet in a coat see recently purchased and goes on a hunt to find the owner and that is when she meets Greg who wants to help her with her investigation. They use two of the charms on the bracelet as clues to find this mysterious woman.

Celebrity Page got an exclusive interview with Brendan Penny to talk about his role as a modern day Columbo.

"The mystery is who is this woman we have kind of a little piece of her, her history and we kind of figure out all these little clues and then developing who this person is. And also, along the same time developing who we are and our relationship."

And of course a Hallmark film has to include romance it's what all of us viewers are craving.

"A lot of people say it's an escape from reality I don't really think it's as much of an escape I just think it's a small little reminder there are those little Hallmark moments kind of everywhere."

Don't miss the little Hallmark moments in A Little Christmas Charm premiering this Sunday, December 6 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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