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Among the many new shows Netflix has recently added, Space Force may be the one that fans were most excited about. With a star studded cast including Steve Carell, Lisa Kudrow, Jane Lynch, and the late Fred Willard, the show is ready to be the talk of the summer.

General Mark R. Naird

Much like today's world, Space Force centers around the president wanting to create a new wave of the armed forces called the Space Force. This branch is then given to General Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell) to run. The series focuses on all the adventures and hilarious moments the General and this team encounter. Greg Daniels, who made the American version of The Office, is the co-creater the show.

Interview with Stephen Colbert

In an interview on The Late Show, Carell tells Stephen Colbert about developing the project:

"They called me and said is this a show you might be interested in developing? I said yes, again based on nothing. Then I called Greg Daniels, who had developed the American version of 'The Office', and I said do you want to do a show called 'Space Force'? He said yes, again based on absolutely nothing, but the title."

A Tribute To Fred Willard

The late Fred Willard's last TV role was in Space Force. Willard passed away on May 15th due to natural causes, and Carell spoke with Colbert about the mark Willard left during the taping of the show:

"He is, I think, probably the funniest thing in 'Space Force'. He would improvise a lot of stuff, obviously, After one take, the crew put down all their equipment to give him a standing ovation."

You do not have to wait any longer to watch because Space Force is available to stream now on Netflix!

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