Queen Elizabeth II


Sources have reported Queen Elizabeth II's rough time facing challenges within the last few weeks, including Prince Harry and Meghan giving up their royal family roles and her husband's current medical problems.

A source exclusively told US Weekly that:

"It's been a rough few weeks for the queen, that's for sure. The situation with Harry and Meghan has been challenging, and on top of that, she's distraught over her beloved husband's health setback."

Prince Philip was taken to King Edwards VII's Hospital in London last Tuesday due to an infection. It was recently reported the Prince is to stay in the hospital for several more days to receive the medical attention he needs.

Just a few days after this, the Buckingham Palace officially announced last Friday, Feb. 19 that Prince Harry and Meghan were not to be returning to their roles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

While the initial announcement reported, "While all are saddened by their decision, the duke and duchess remain much loved members of the family," it is now evident Queen Elizabeth II is having a hard time adjusting to her son's decision. Another source reported that "the queen has had some had some tearful moments mixed with anger and disappointment."

A palace statement recently reported in the midst of the couple stepping down, Queen Elizabeth said she believed it was not possible for the couple to continue with duties that come with a life of public service. Prince Harry and Meghan counterargued the queen:

"We can all live a life of service. Service is universal."

Regardless of the public quarrels, royal sources express love and strong bonds are still present within the family.

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