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Netflix's upcoming show "Inventing Anna" is about German Heiress, Anna Delvey who scammed investors in order to live her New York City socialite lifestyle.

The show is based on the real-life story of Anna Sorokin, a Russian woman who pretended to be a German Heiress in a huge, fraudulent scheme. Sorokin made her way to New York City where she created the name Anna Delvey, which she used in order to defraud wealthy acquaintances, hotels, and banks. Sorokin's main tactic was racking up hotel bills, which she was able to do for a while since she stayed without putting a card on file. Two hotels, The Beekman hotel in Morocco and the W New York Union Square finally caught on to her tactics and pressed charges against her. During the time of these charges, she was already being investigated for fraud through various banks and investment groups. Sorokin was arrested in 2017, after about 5 years of fraud. In 2019, she was found guilty of 8 charges, sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison, fined $24,000, and ordered to pay restitution of about $200,000.

With some background on the real "Anna Belvey", what should viewers know about the series "Inventing Anna"? The story will be told through the show by darting:

"back and forth in time to show her rise to prominence and fall from grace," according to TimeOut

The show will include the character "Vivian," the journalist who wrote the expose about Delvey. TimeOut stated:

"Vivian gradually gets the dirt but Anna makes her sweat for it, delighting in having someone to twist around her finger again and playing Hannibal Lector-style power games."

"Inventing Anna" will be 10 episodes long.The real Anna Sorokin actually received royalty fees from the show, which she had to pay back to her victims.

Watch the shocking story of "Anna Delvey" unfold February 11th on Netflix!

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