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Is Jimmy Kimmel saying goodbye to his late night show!? The beloved comedian and host recently opened up to Variety about his next move.

After 20 seasons of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," it looks like the star might be saying farewell to his show. With his ABC contract coming to an end this year, Kimmel told Variety that he's not sure if the show will continue.

“I wish I knew I was gonna do,” he said. “I have moments where I go, ‘I cannot do this anymore.’ And I have moments where I go, ‘what am I gonna do with my life if I’m not doing this anymore?’"

Kimmel added that it's a "very complicated" decision.

"There are practical considerations, and there are family and friend considerations and co worker considerations. And eventually, I am going to have to stop doing this. I’m not going to do this forever."

But don't worry, he hasn't made up his mind just yet! We still have a chance of seeing him on our small screens come 2023.

"I would not be honest at all if I said that I have decided one way or the other," Kimmel shared. "I’m thinking about it a lot, though.”

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