After the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's IT scared up massive box office success, all eyes turned toward casting the grown-up Losers Club for IT Chapter 2.

It Chapter 2's Adult Losers Club

They grow up so fast! While the first IT movie took place in the nostalgic 1980s, Chapter 2 will fast-forward 27 years to the present. As such, the production was given the tall order of casting adult actors who could believably portray older versions of the incredibly talented, and unforgettable child cast. IT's massive success, no doubt, made attracting big talent a little bit easier.

Here are the saviors of Derry, Maine or victims of Bill Skarsgård's returning Pennywise the Dancing Clown:

  • Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh
  • James McAvoy as Bill Debrough
  • Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom
  • James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak
  • Bill Hader as Richie Tozier
  • Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon
  • Andy Bean as Stanley Uris
  • Teach Grant as the grown-up bully Henry Bowers

The nightmares return when It Chapter 2 hits theaters on September 6, 2019.

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