Episode five of Celebrity Show-Off aired last night, and NFL Football player Travis Kelce joined in on the fun. Here's a recap of the big night.

Travis Takes Landscaping To A New Level

Since quarantining, Travis Kelce has been busy landscaping. In Kelce's video, "Manscaping with Travis Kelce" he came up with three unique challenges that test his agility, speed, and accuracy. He recruited Kumar Ferguson as judge, and Kelce's funniest challenge was when he tried to trim a bush to look like the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

It's Nene TV!

Nene Leakes received the most views this week. Her video poked fun at various television programs including Naked and Afraid, The Home Shopping Network, Bob Ross, and various other programs. Leakes also poked fun at some competitors including Tori and previous contestants Diplo and Ja Rule.

Jason Loses The Magic On His Mranch

For Jason Mraz's video he lost the magic on the ranch so he got the help from magician Justin William. William tried to help Mraz restore the magic by helping and performing different magic tricks, but for Mraz it didn't work out. Eventually, he gained his magic back when William helped him gain his self-confidence. As it turns out, Mraz's roommate turned off the magic on the farm.

Tori Continues To Party

Tori Spelling continued to never let the party stop. Spelling grabbed her family to help her out and created a Drive Thru Party Factory. Spelling decorated cars for a birthday party for a dog, a beauty school graduate, and a comic con theme just for the fun of it for some fans who missed out on the convention this year. All the cars were totally Tori-fied!

Austin Spills The Tea

It's episode five for "Son-In-Lockdown"! Kevin Smith spilled the tea of his daughter's boyfriend Austin while recording an episode of one of Smith's podcasts. Smith complained Austin left dishes in the sink again! Austin wanted revenge and wanted to spill the tea. Austin got Smith's other co-hosts to spill the tea but it all turned out everyone agrees Smith talks way too much.

Once again a celebrity had to be cancelled! Leakes, Spelling, and Smith had to vote to save Kelce or Mraz, but after one episode, Kelce was eliminated and donated his prize money to Eighty-Seven and Running.

Next week professional cheerleader and star of Cheer, Gabi Butler will join the show so be sure to check it out!

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