US Weekly's Christina Garibaldi is back with our Sonia Isabelle to talk about Jennifer Lopez and Arod's relationship & an update on Prince Harry and William!

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez 

Garibaldi answers a question that is currently looming on all of us: Have J Lo and A-Rod split?

"It seems that, as of right now, they are still together and they came forward and said that they are working out the problems in their relationship, but they have put their wedding on hold for the unforeseeable future."

A source also told Garibaldi that:

"Jennifer started questioning what Alex was doing when she wasn't around. However, another source tells us that A-Rod doesn't want to lose Jennifer and that he'll do anything to get her trust back."

But for the moment, we can all take a deep breath: the two are still together and working strong on their relationship.

Harry & William

And everyone is still talking about the shocking interview that had as protagonists Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Garibaldi shared:

"William is going to have his first face to face meeting with harry in over a year this summer, when they both attend the unveiling of a new memorial statue dedicated to their late mother Princess Diana."

A source told Garibaldi that although the two have their differences, they're still committed to preserve their mother's legacy.

"A source tells us that it would take a miracle for their siblings to let their grievances go, however a Palace Insider is hopeful saying Diana would not want her sons to be in this bitter fight and William and Harry both know that too well."

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