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Step aside Tom Cruise, there's a new Jack Reacher in town!

Your favorite retired military police officer is back, but this time he's hitting the small screen. The role of Jack Reacher, originally portrayed by Tom Cruise in the 2012 and 2016 movies, will be reprised by Alan Ritchson in the new streaming series Reacher.

"I grew up watching Tom Cruise. He's a film icon. He's a legend and I'm grateful for everything that he brought to this. But, I wanted to make sure that I absorbed only what I found in the books and in the scripts. I feel like that's where I can honor this character best," Ritchson said.

The action series, based on the best selling collection of 26 books written by Lee Child, chronicles the first novel ever written, Killing Floor (1997), which tells the genesis story of Jack Reacher.

Willa Fitzgerald, who plays police officer Roscoe Conkin, commented on the series adaptation.

"This book has never been made into an adaptation before, and so, I think thats exciting new territory. It's also kind of the origin story of Reacher. So, it's nice to start a book at the beginning and I think that that will be exciting to the OG fans," Fitzgerald said.

In the series, Reacher, a retired military police officer visits the small town of Margrave, Georgia, where he quickly gets wrapped up in a brutal crime conspiracy.

Along with Fitzgerald, Ritchson will be joined on screen by iZombie star Malcom Goodwin and Harvey Guillén, known for his role in the FX comedy series What We Do in the Shadows.

Guillén, who plays Jasper, the Margrave medical examiner, described the show as a rollercoaster.

"It goes for a ride. It has comedy. It has sexiness. It has thrill. It has mystery. It has everything in one, so everyone's gonna be gagging."

Off to a successful start, the series just announced its renewal for a second season.

Reacher is streaming now on Prime Video.

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