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Back in 1987, Jackée Harry made history as the first Black woman to win an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Now, she's back and better than ever, making her return as the newest cast member of Days of Our Lives.

Jackée's brand new character, Paulina Price, is here to cause all the drama!

"Paulina is outspoken, a bossy, wildly successful real estate tycoon from Miami. She zooms in to say, 'I'm taking over the Carver family,' to whom she is indirectly related. I think she wants to jump everybody," Harry said.

As Harry returns back to her old stomping grounds at NBC, let it be known that this is not her first rodeo.

Back in 1984, she made her debut on the silver screen in NBC's Another World as Lily Mason. Now, she is making her comeback... admitting that getting back in the saddle is not as easy as it may seem.

"I know the rhythm of it of it, but I forgot how much hard work it is! They make it look easy... it's not! You gotta hit the gate running like Seabiscuit!"

Harry also fostered her time on NBC as Sandra on the sitcom, 227, which earned her that historical Emmy of hers.

While on the show, she found a lifelong friend in costar Regina King.

"She is a wonderful person. I'm one of her cheerleaders!"

Watch Jackée Harry's Paulina Price shine on Days of Our Lives, weekdays on NBC.

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