Singer songwriter, Jake Miller, has just released a new single titled, ‘Wait For You.’ It tells a deeply personal story about time getting in the way of a relationship.

“I’m going to wait for you to be ready, no matter how long it takes.”

Along with releasing his new single, Miller has been on the road, performing a multitude of shows.

To circumvent the traps that touring musicians often face, he emphasizes surrounding himself with family and friends to keep him on the right track.

“I’m just surrounded by a lot of great people, including my family, who would never let me go in the direction of drugs or hanging out with the wrong people.”

He also describes how social media has changed the game completely.

“I can tweet out a question, and hundreds of people answer me in a minute. And that’s really cool, because, at the end of the day, I do it for them.”

Don’t wait any longer! You can stream Jake Miller’s new single ‘Wait For You‘ now!