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James Marsden On Tom Brady: "Tom Brady is a Pretty Good Actor"

James Marsden & Tom Brady Star In Born of a Dream: A Man of the Future

The story of an NFL Quarterback who withstands the test of time is paralleled with someone who helps us tell time in Born of a Dream: A Man of the Future.

"Born of a Dream" Teaser Trailer

Tom Brady plays himself and James Marsden stars as F.A. Jones, founder of IWC watches in a story that travels back and forth in time to tell the timeless story of following a dream. If you think comparing them is a stretch, James Marsden sets the record straight with his explanation, "They're both very similar and I think there were moments Tom probably would have told you that he was told he would never play in the NFL. He didn't have what it takes, and F.A. Jones was met with the same sort of obstacle and the same sort of adversity that he had to overcome."

James Marsden Compares Tom Brady to F.A. Jones

James Marsden also didn't hold back his excitement about starring in a film with Tom Brady. Saying about the G.O.A.T.'s acting ability, "Well I've learned from this experience that Tom Brady is a pretty good actor actually."

Watch both journeys play out on bornofadream.com.

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