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James Michael Tyler, the 59 year old actor best known for playing Gunther, the quirky manager of the proverbial coffee shop 'Central Perk' from Friends, revealed a stage four diagnosis of prostate cancer on the Today Show on June 21st.

Discovered in a routine physical three years ago at the age of 56, the cancer has spread to his bones and spine, rendering him unable to walk. The severity of his illness prevented him from making an in person appearance on the Friends reunion, as he channeled in over Zoom. The actor is currently undergoing hormone treatment and chemotherapy.

Because prostate cancer is 99% treatable once caught early, Tyler urges the public to be cautious of any changes in their body and to check up with their doctors regularly, raising awareness of prostate screenings that can help save lives.

When asked what he would have done differently, Tyler responded "I would have listened to my wonderful wife, who has been my absolute strength throughout all of this," while shedding tears.

Tyler's legacy for making people laugh and bringing joy into their lives will always live on.

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