Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! (2021-) follows a dad (Jamie Foxx) and his daughter (Kyla-Drew) navigating their father-daughter dynamic throughout her teenage years.

A Grand Return to Television

Marking over 20 years without a Foxx featured television role, fans are not ecstatic the actor is coming back to sitcom with a big bang. Celebrity Page correspondent Rachel Smith sat down with Foxx asking why this was the role to come back to television with to which Foxx responded,

"We got that bug when we did live in front of the studio audience when we did George Jefferson. I see you, I got this idea called 'Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!' "

Based On True Events

Foxx went on to describe the production process stating,

"Me and my daughter have had it for a while and it'd be great to play on the Netflix platform because when we talk about sitcom dad, you know what that is, but we want to give it a little more spice and Netflix gives us that opportunity."

Co-creators Jamie and Corinne Foxx produced the series based off of stories from their actual lives as a father and daughter duo making the show even more family-based.

Even Jamie Foxx Can Play it (Un)Cool

Foxx's television daughter Kyla-Drew stopped by to expose some of Foxx's more uncool moments.

"He's pretty cool, not gonna lie, but he does have this music book bag. I would say more old school music and I'm over here like, 'Okay, where's Lil Baby, DaBaby?'"

Getting into a hilariously heated debate, Foxx further showcased his role as a father beyond the screen.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! premieres this Wednesday April 14, only on Netflix.

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