Arthur Kade chatted with comedian Jamie Kennedy about his new film Last Call.

The comedy follows Mick, played by Jeremy Piven, a man who returns to his old neighborhood (in Philadelphia) for a family emergency but ultimately decides to stay longer when presented with a huge real estate opportunity.

"Basically, he has this war with himself, like saving his old town or selling it out to gentrification. And he gets in touch with his new love of where he came from," Kennedy said.

The Philadelphia native revisited his own hometown for filming.

"It's awesome, dude. Like I think Philly and specifically Deco, Deco area, is getting a new type of love and respect, and this movie is all about that… about how, you know, there's a lot of people who come out of there. It's nice to show the world where you came from."

You can catch Last Call in theaters and on VOD now.

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