In September, actor Chris Evans leaked a nude photo, and on October 9th, his co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis talked to Kelly Clarkson about the entire debacle.

Chris Evans accidentally leaked a nude photo in a screen recorded video on his Instagram story. He quickly deleted it, but not before fans took screenshots. Curtis appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and spoke about Evans initial leak and his reaction.

As Clarkson started asking about the situation, Curtis, who plays Evans' mother in Knives Out laughed:

I'm sweating already!

After the photo leaked, Evans tweeted urging and reminding his followers to vote in the upcoming election.

Curtis reflected on Evans' combined smarts and looks and his ability to use both, wondering if the entire incident was planned. Clarkson responded:

Oh he's so clever, I kind of think it was planned, because he was trying to get people to vote.

Curtis also joked:

I could've [said] he took after his movie father, Don Johnson.

Watch the whole thing here

Jamie Lee Curtis has a lot to say about Chris Evans' photo leak, including one very interesting theory about her "Knives Out" co-star's predicament. Tune in ...

And as Chris said, remember to vote!

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