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Jamie Lee Curtis Talks New Podcast and Sobriety During Quarantine

Jamie Lee Curtis opened up on the Today Show with Hoda Kotb.

From having a long and successful acting career to writing famous children's book, Jamie Lee Curtis shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! On Today with Hoda Kotb, Curtis shares her new creative projects during quarantine and dealing with her ongoing sobriety during these tough times.

On this morning's episode of Today, Hoda Kotb sat down virtually with Jamie Lee Curtis to talk about her new podcast through Amazon Audible that comes out today! The podcast, titled Letters From Camp, is a family-friendly scripted mysterious podcast featuring stories about summer camp. Curtis talks about how she co-created this podcast during quarantine, among other projects:

"I'm an active person. I have actually taken advantage of this quarantine and turned it into something very creative. So as you mentioned, I have a podcast that's starting today on Audible for young families who didn't go to camp this year. Camp was horribly canceled because of the pandemic and here's an opportunity for families to camp through Audible, sort of like a TV for your ears kind of way. It's super funny and I started a website so I've been busy!"

Fans of Curtis are aware that the actress has struggled with a Vicodin addiction for 10 years. Since then, the actress has been sober for 21 years and counting. During this pandemic and difficult time, Kotb asks Curtis how addicts during this time can still continue their progress amid the current situation. Curtis said:

"Well obviously the thing that's amazing about everyone during this pandemic is how they've shapeshifted. Now, obviously you guys are in your studio right now, but there was a period when you were at home. And I think the same has happened in all areas of food delivery, food access, but also sobriety. There are now sober meetings online, everywhere, available to people. You can find them through the various recovery centers that are in your local community. Weirdly enough, they're been very very satisfying and helpful and I think the way we as Americans and people all over the world have learned to adapt and change. That's what makes human beings so exciting, is the ability to shift and change and take advantage of something very frustrating and difficult for many people.

You can now listen to Curtis's new podcast Letters From Camp on Amazon Audible!

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