Jane Fonda, two time Academy Award winner and lifelong activist, joined indigenous-led protests against the Line 3 pipeline in Northern Minnesota, citing civil and constitutional rights violations in relation to the pipeline's construction.

Jane Seymour Fonda on Twitter

The 83 year old boldly stood directly behind the "No Trespassing" sign like the badass she is to deliver her message for environmental and indigenous protections, and the manner in which the Line 3 pipeline violates both.

When I'm 83, I assume I'll be quite fond of a certain chair, develop a taste for cream of wheat, and enjoy seeing my grandkids. I pray I'm cool enough to be going out and joining protests.

A History of Activism

Despite her Oscar award winning acting career and worldwide fame, Fonda is known far more for her activism, a lifelong passion for her.

She supported the Black Panther party in the 1970s, famously opposed the Vietnam War (which landed her in a great deal of hot water), a vehement feminist, and has visited the Gaza strip in opposition to Israel's occupation of the area.

She has been a woman who has spent her whole life fighting for what she believes in, using her privilege and social standing to fight for the oppressed, and it's no surprise to see her fighting for indigenous rights, even at 83 years old.

The recent recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award isn't stopping anytime soon.

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