Jennifer Aniston recently announced on her Instagram that she got a new puppy.

Meet Lord Chesterfield

Aniston named her newest furry friend Lord Chesterfield, a name worthy enough for puppy royalty. She got this adorable little pupper from The Wagmor Pet Hotel & Spa which is not just a resort for pets but is a rescue center that saves animals and finds them forever homes.

Meet Clyde

Lord Chesterfield is being welcomed into a loving home with Aniston and her dog Clyde. Dog's truly are a "girl's best friend." I can't wait to see photos of Jennifer Aniston walking both of her babies, Lord Chesterfield and Clyde. Let's hope that the Lord gets to come along for bring your dog to work day.

Meet Oliver Sprinkles

Olivia Culpo adopted the adorable Oliver back in July and of course Oliver already has his own Instagram.

Meet Panda

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have expanded their family quite a bit during the pandemic by adopting two dogs. Priyanka surprised Nick with Gino the German Shepard for their anniversary and more recently they have adopted Panda, a Husky Australian Shepard mix. They already had one dog, Diana, and of course, each pupper has its own Instagram account with thousands of followers.

Meet Gino

Meet Banditi

Jada Pinkett Smith was gifted a gorgeous puppy for her birthday a few weeks ago from dog specialist Cesar Millan.

Meet Dexter 

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid adopted Dexter back at the end of July from The Labelle Foundation, a rescue center. Today, Dua posted a cute little tribute to Dexter and Anwar to say how much she is missing her guys.

Meet Bowie and Hendrix 

Cara Delevingne has been fostering two puppies, Bowie and Hendrix. It is unknown if she is still fostering them currently but let's hope it is a foster failure and Cara keeps the two cute pups so we can see more adorable content from them in the future.

It is amazing to see so many celebrities adopting, fostering, and saving the lives of many adorable dogs. Please remember to adopt don't shop because adopting saves two lives, not just one.

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