Jennifer Aydin Opens Up On Family Problems, Alcohol & #RHONJ Drama! | Celebrity Page
Jennifer is chatting with our Ricky Cornish all about the intense new season as the ladies address the pandemic, cheating rumors, family drama and a whole lot more!

Third Time's The Charm! 📺

Jennifer Aydin has been a mainstay on #RHONJ, as the star now heads into her third season on the hit Bravo show.

"It's not all kumbaya! We thought we were all going to be lovey-dovey, and then when you get us women together and we're all strongly opinionated... all that s*** goes out the door," Aydin said.

The reality star also opened up to Ricky Cornish about her family issues this season, along with some heavy party scenes seen in the #RHONJ trailer.

"It's not easy for me. It's not easy for my family. Culturally, I come from a Middle Eastern background, where airing your dirty laundry is taboo and not done. I was highly shocked when I saw the trailer. I do not remember doing that water bottle thing. I'm going out and I'm socializing and I want to get turned up because I'm dealing with all of this stress with my house, from my kids, from my parents... I just want to let loose," Aydin said.

Jennifer has also made a splash on the show with her honest opinions, extravagant lifestyle and feuds with Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga.

"I'm hoping I also make TV gold! I'm a tough girl. I can take care of myself and I think that's what makes me a good housewife."

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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