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Jennifer Lopez, who received critical acclaim for her performance in the 2019 crime drama film Hustlers, will be returning to the screen for a new Sci-fi Thriller titled Atlas.

Premiering on Netflix, Atlas is directed by Brad Peyton, who is known for his work in the series Daybreak, along with the 2018 film Rampage. The screenplay was written by Aron Eli Coleite, a comic book writer who is also known for his work on the show Daybreak. It is based on the original script by Leo Sardarian, an American television writer.

Set in the distant future, the story follows a woman named Atlas who tries to save humanity after an artificial intelligence soldier is determined to destroy humankind. In order to defeat him, she must team up with another rival AI.

Lopez, who recently signed a contract with Netflix, is also on board as a producer for Atlas. She also has two other Netflix films in the works, The Mother and The Cipher, as part of her deal to collaborate with creators to produce more female driven content.

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