Jennifer Lopez: Behind Closed Doors

Jennifer Lopez has another award coming her way. This time the People's Icon Award at this year's People's Choice Awards. But Jennifer Lopez has been candid about the ups and downs of both her career and personal life.

This Sunday on Reelz, they're revisiting J.Lo's struggle to cope with her emotions while dealing with her divorce from Marc Anthony.

Natalie Morales hosts an in-depth look at what was going through her mind back then, using standout moments that include Jennifer's interview with the Today Show's Kathie Lee & Hoda. Telling them, "On the surface, it seemed like everything was perfect and wonderful. And in a sense, it was. But my personal life was kind of crumbling."

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Lopez, getting even more candid. Telling the Today Show pair, "It was one of the scariest moments of my life... "I had been suppressing this feeling and this idea that it wasn't working for so long. And it was finally coming to the surface. And I had a terrible kind of like anxiety attack."

Get the full story when Jennifer Lopez: Behind Closed Doors airs this Sunday, November 15th, on Reelz.

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