Amy Schneider has been in the news recently after reporting an armed robbery at her residence in Oakland. Schneider, who is known for holding the record of most Jeopardy! wins of any female contestant, tweeted Monday:

Hi all! So, first off: I’m fine. But I got robbed yesterday, lost my ID, credit cards, and phone. I then couldn’t really sleep last night, and have been dragging myself around all day trying to replace everything.

The robbery took place merely days after Schneider earned her twenty fourth consecutive victory, making her the highest-winning female contestant of all time. She claims (above) that the burglar stole her phone, ID and credit cards during the break-in.

Though no arrests have been made, Oakland police are investigating two suspects, one armed, who fled the scene on Sunday afternoon. Schneider has earned over $897,600 in winnings from Jeopardy!, but police are yet to speculate as to what could have motivated the robbery.

Schneider is an engineering manager in California, and also the first transgender contestant to ever qualify for Jeopardy!'s Tournament of Champions. Despite her achievements, she's received a magnitude of social media backlash because of her identity as a transgender woman. Schneider does not wish to make her gender a defining factor on the show, but has spoken out against online bigots in the past.

“I am a trans woman, and I’m proud of that fact, but I’m a lot of other things, too!”

NBC has since publicly and privately addressed the matter, as a spokesperson for Jeopardy! stated they offered to support Schneider in "any capacity" going forward. Oakland police will continue to investigate and release new information as it becomes available.

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