One-On-One: Jesse McCartney Talks Next Album & BTS Secrets On 'The Masked Singer' | Celebrity Page

The pop singer is giving us all the juicy details in today's #MusicMix!

It's hard to believe Jesse McCartney burst onto the scene over 15 years ago with his breakout song, Beautiful Soul.

Social Producer Ricky Cornish chatted with Jesse about the meaning behind the hit and how it changed his career...

"That song for me was obviously the beginning of it all," McCartney said. "It's the song I always play, no matter what. For a lot of people, it is the image imprinted in their minds of me when they think of me."

But Jesse also took over our TV screens earlier this year...

Jesse came in second place on the latest season of The Masked Singer earlier this year as Turtle!

While masks are considered common in today's society, Jesse had to follow strict protocol while participating on the show...

"The whole thing was bizarre. I had to leave my house with a mask on and a sweatshirt that says 'do not talk to me.' You can't talk to anybody on set, they can't speak to you. It's very isolating in many ways actually, because you're just all alone," McCartney said.

In a crazy way, that sounds pretty familiar. Quarantine has seen a lot of people isolating themselves with barely any contact with the outside world.

While talking about masks, our producer Ricky Cornish said...

"Wow! I was gonna say, it almost prepared you for quarantine. I mean, you have the mask on, you're not talking to anybody!"

But this wasn't the first time Jesse talked about his experiences with masks...

"I've been telling people for the past few months... the joke is kind of getting old now, but it's such a dad joke," McCartney said. "I've gotten really good at wearing masks for the past few months!"

It's safe to say Jesse has been keeping busy since wrapping up The Masked Singer. The singer dropped acoustic versions of his songs, "Friends" and "Yours," and even released an animated music video for the regular version of "Friends."

"I do enjoy making acoustic versions of all the records I make. I think now more than ever, I'm kind of getting back to my roots," McCartney said.

But new music might be on the horizon! The popstar is currently working on a release date for his next album.

"I'm very grateful. This year has been incredible, I've been working on new music. I have a new album full of new material that I want to put out, so a lot more to come!"

We can't wait for that! You can check out Jesse's new music video here.

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