Getting Honest: Skincare Edition with BLAKE GRIFFIN

On June 18th, actress and The Honest Company founder Jessica Alba started a Youtube series that features conversations with friends as they discuss self-care!

Honest at home!

The first episode of the series features athlete Blake Griffin sharing his skin care regimen that includes a calm facial cleanser, acne spot treatment, two types of moisturizer, his favorite eye cream and multiple toners. Alba also shows Griffin her own routine consisting of products all from her skincare line. The two best buds virtually apply a mud mask, face wash and answer silly questions where Blake reveals he had a fish pedicure!

Father's Day Video

In Jessica Alba's most recent video, her and friend Shani Darden, Hollywood's favorite aesthetician, gave their husbands Father's Day facials. Alba and Darden used steamers, masks and deep hydration cream on their better halves! Jessica Alba's husband Cash Warren even admits:

I had really bad acne growing up- really really bad acne.

Recently, Jessica shared her avocado toast recipe, noting it's one of her personal favorite meals, as seen here. The mom of three also shared her first at home experience cutting her daughters' hair with the of celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin. To check out more of her videos or subscribe to her Youtube channel, click here!

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