Inside Jimi Hendrix's Passing And What Happened | Celebrity Page

Jimi Hendrix was a guitar master. His skill and innovation are still celebrated to this day, but fans also still mourn the loss of a talented musician gone too soon.

REELZ is looking back on the tragic day of Jimi Hendrix's passing and questions whether or not the guitar legend really died of an accidental overdose.

Dr. John Bannister was there 50 years ago and shares some of the suspicious findings he observed while attempting to revive the late guitarist. The doctor takes note of case oddities including pumping "2-3 bottles of red wine" from Hendrix something made even more curious by the autopsy report revealing low levels of alcohol in his blood and urine suggesting the wine entered his body just before death with no time to be absorbed.

Dr. Bannister describes the scene in the special saying,

"It was just impossible to remove the amount of red wine in his throat and in his pharynx. It was more than just somebody drowning on a glass or two of red wine."

The autopsy report did not rule out suspicious circumstances. Find out more about the suspicion around the death of Jimi Hendrix when Jimi Hendrix: A Perfect Murder? airs Saturday, September 19th on REELZ.

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