Talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel has announced he will take a break from Jimmy Kimmel Live! this summer.


Before the airing of last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, a video was posted to Youtube explaining why and what will be happening with the now 18-year-old program. In the video, Kimmel explains that he will be taking the time off to spend with his family. Kimmel told viewers:

"Tonight is my last new show for the summer," he said. I'm taking the summer off to spend even more time with my family...there's nothing wrong, my family is healthy, I'm healthy. I just need a couple of months off"

The announcement was then hilariously crashed by long time "rival" Matt Damon. Damon went on to claim he had been living in Kimmel's spare bed room since coronavirus had put America into quarantine.

Kimmel then shares how the show will be hosted for the summer. Jimmy Kimmel Live! will go on a two week hiatus and then begin airing episodes with surprise guest hosts. Kimmel explained:

"A cavalcade of very kind and capable people will be filling in...I think you're gonna be very happy with them."

Jimmy Kimmel Live! will begin airing new episodes on July 6th.

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